Collection: FX Colors

Application Method
Vinyl Brand
LightWrap Shade
LightWrap Finish
2 products
Luxe LightWrap - FX Yellow - LightWrap
Luxe LightWrap - FX Yellow
From $5
Luxe LightWrap - FX Red
Luxe LightWrap - FX Red
Luxe LightWrap - FX Red
From $5


LightWrap Installer Storefront Decal - LightWrap
Branding Material
Chrome Delete Roll - LightWrap Dark Smoke - LightWrap
Chrome Delete
KPMF Gloss Perfect Black Wrap Vinyl - K75443 - LightWrap
Color Change Wrap Film
Luxe Soft Mini Squeegee - LightWrap
Installation Accessories
Luxe LightWrap Smoke Series Samples - LightWrap
LightWrap Smoke Series

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