Vinyl & Tint Mystery Box


Do you have small projects, need to wrap or tint badges, or need some small decals? Our all-new mystery boxes are for you. These include new, limited edition, and never before seen printed vinyl, as well as premium wrap vinyl pieces and LightWrap. These boxes are perfect for trying out the wide variety of materials that we offer.

Comes with a free squeegee

Please note that the following quantities and sizes are approximate and may differ slightly for each box. Product photos are only an example of what your box may look like- each box will be different.

Small Box
9 x 12 sheets or smaller
LightWrap: 10 pcs, Printed material: 5 pcs, Color-change material: 5 pcs
Pieces qty: 20

Large Box
12 x 20 sheets or smaller
LightWrap: 15 pcs, Printed material: 5 pcs, Color change material: 5 pcs
Pieces qty: 25

Shipping Information

All orders are processed within 1 to 2 business days (excluding weekends and holidays) after receiving your order confirmation email. Custom & printed products will take longer to produce. If you need same day processing please call in the order.


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